Admiral Dynamics turns 10!

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Admiral Dynamics

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Feesten voor Plan

Admiral Dynamics turns 10!


Admiral Dynamics is 10 years old and we will not let that pass unnoticed! On 18 May 2019 we will throw a spectacular party together with colleagues, customers and partners. A party often comes with a gift! 

Team Admiral has been led for 10 years by a female CEO, quite remarkable in a rather male sector like the IT sector. Because we attach great importance to feminisation within the IT sector, our choice for Plan International is obvious, because... Plan International Belgium strives for a world where all children, girls and boys, get the chance to go to school, make their own choices about their bodies and lives, participate in decisions that are important to them and grow up free from fear and violence. Thanks to your gift, we can make a difference and support girls and boys from all over the world!


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