Mazars' plan

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Mazars' plan

Mazars believes in using the skills, expertise and commitment of our team members to solve and address
societal challenges and create sustainable positive impact.

Our efforts are therefore not only about financially sponsoring a charity
project, but also engaging our employees to contribute as well: by volunteering, pro
bono, to participating in sponsored sporting events. 

We hope our initiatives will impact lives around the
world by contributing to societal causes like poverty, hunger, lack of
opportunities to learn and find employment.

Plan International is the ideal partner to achieve these goals. Therefore, we will sponsor each Mazars participant to the Antwerp 10 miles on the 24th of April. We will encourage our runners to get sponsors as well and hope to raise money to offer girls a better future.

Tip: As of €40 per year you can receive a fiscal certificate, offering a 45% deductability of your gift.

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